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Print out your menu and surprise your customers

Fast printing and high quality restaurant menus, bars, cafes, bakeries, etc., at low production cost.

We also help to structure your menu and page.
You only have to give ourselves the texts, images and other elements that want to see printed.


Menus   Menus   Menus

Menus with a plastic bag hot (tunnel)

The best protection for their menus protecting them from splashes and is easy to clean.

Menus with screws and metal corners

This solution enables the replacement or the placing of more or fewer sheets within the menu and the corners of the cover are secured.
Menus hardcover

This solution enables the replacement or the placing of more or fewer sheets inside the menu. The hardcover result gives a sturdy and durable.

Menus   Menus   Menus

Laminated menus

Plasticization resistant and durable.
Protects the menus of splashing, easy to clean and can not tear.
Menus printed on PVC

This stand is very tough!
PVC Various colors available.
Menus Folded in half

Menus folded in half and laminated.
Menus   Menus   Menus

Menus with two folds

Menus folded and laminated in 3 to get a result tough and durable splashproof protecting menus, easy to clean and impossible to tear.
Menus stapled

Menus wire with 2 points. Possibility to have variable number of pages, 8 pages long.
Large Format Menus

Printing of menus up to 1m wide.

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Unique solutions for business customers

For graphics, advertising agencies and other professionals, the resale price.



Printing system with high quality and productivity

Photocopies in color or B / W, scanning, file preparation, printing of photo albums, bookbinding and more ......



Featured Products for days and special times

»Business Cards
»Book Edition
»Menus and Menus
»Images with Calendars Unique



Collections and deliveries of business on customer premises

Service delivery in less than 24 hours.
Deliveries on the same day in the Algarve and the next day the rest of the country..


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